Thanks for visiting this page for information about Rob's "non-Delta Knights" projects.  To avoid confusion, you can view all shows on the Live Performances page.  This page is more to explain about the different projects and give information on how to find out more.

When I create my new website, it'll combine all acts into "Rob Babson Music," so hopefully that will help to further alleviate confusion, as I am working in several different musical situations these days.

In addition to the Delta Knights Band

(in our 28th year!), I am playing with various bands, including The Time Pilots, Unfinished Blues Band, Bailey's Mistake, and Two of A Kind, among others.  --Rob Babson


The Time Pilots

Rob on bass and vocals with The Time Pilots (Photo by Joe Delan)

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Two Of A Kind



Two Of A Kind Duo: Rob (guitar, bass, vocals); Chris Skidgel (guitar, vocals, bass)

For more information about Two Of A Kind, please email Rob at


Unfinished Blues Band


Unfinished Blues Band: Dean Clegg (drums); Rob (guitar, vocals, harmonica); Troy Bennett (bass, vocals) (Photo by Troy R. Bennett)
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Bailey's Mistake: Rob (bass, backing vocals); Troy Bennett (guitar, vocals); Travis Cote (bagpipes, Irish flute, vocals); (Dean Clegg (drums)

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