Delta Knights Band


(Photo by Colette Haley)
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OK, Delta Knights fans, here's a blast from the past (4/10/2010) for your listening and viewing pleasure. This is a clip from 4/10/2010 where we made an appearance on the local TV show "207."  You will hear a cover of the Ray Charles classic, Unchain My Heart, and then an interview with the hosts of the show.  We then ended the show with a good portion of the Rob Babson/Dean Clegg original, "Big Bass Drum." The band at that time consisted of Rob Babson on guitar, Sandy Pardee on bass, Larry Peterson on drums and Darren Whitney on sax (due to a last minute rescheduling, Darren couldn't make the show, and we had to go "live."

You Tube Video

"Johnny B. Goode" by Chuck Berry.  Live at The Pier Patio, Old Orchard Beach, 6/28/11.

Rob Babson, Sandy Pardee, Darren Whitney & Brian Hodgman